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More haikuilts published!

The current issue of Modern Haiku was waiting for me in the mailbox when I returned from my book signing at Brandywine Valley Quilters’ show this weekend.  It was so much fun to see these four haikuilts as the color pages at the center!

Quilt NYC! Haikuilt Workshop 7/16/16

Haikuilt by Karen Weiderman
Long Island, NY

Our Haikuilt Workshop was a great success!

Thank you to those who signed up – it was a pleasure working with each one of you. We started out our day learning about haiku, gaining inspiration from the city and Central Park, and continued with planning, drafting and creating our haikuilts.

The women who joined us for the workshop were incredibly enjoyable people and really demonstrated their talent and creativity! Here are the pieces they created with the haiku that accompanied them: Continue reading “Quilt NYC! Haikuilt Workshop 7/16/16”

New class: Haiku + Quilts = Haikuilts

tropical downpour
at an arranged marriage
bride silent – inward tears

— Barbara Dexter-Smith

I’ve created a new class combining my loves of haiku and quilting. “Haikuilts” are tiny little quilts — each 5″ x 7″ and inspired by a haiku written by the quilter.  I taught the class for the first time at AQS QuiltWeek Paducah, and it went wonderfully!

What I didn’t expect was how deeply personal and even cathartic the quilts were, how touching the stories that were shared. It turned out to be a really special day. Here are some of the beautiful haiku quilts made by my students, together with their haiku.

Thank you ladies!

Continue reading “New class: Haiku + Quilts = Haikuilts”

Haikuilts published

I write haiku.  I make quilts.  Last year, I began combining the two into miniature art quilts I call “haikuilts”.  Each one is 5″ x 7″, referring to the traditional 5 / 7 / 5 syllable count of haiku, even though today most haiku poets do not conform to this syllable count.  (To learn more about what haiku are, I recommend Michael Dylan Welch’s explanation here:

A few days ago, my first published haikuilts appears in the online haiku journal, A Hundred Gourds.  Kind of exciting in a “big fish, haiku-sized pond” kind of way.  Okay, maybe a little fish . . . .

Click on the images below to link to the journal pages where you ca see them full-size and read the haiku.

Popsicle drips white text  Prison yard with text for Hundred Gourds

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Here are few links that will pull up collections of posts about a particular topic (I’ll be adding more of these from time to time):

Haikuilts: Click here to see these exquisite little art quilts from my class Haiku + Quilt = Haikuilt


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