A little over 15 years ago, in the aftermath of the World Trade Center attacks, I made this quilt. The design was one I had seen on a 15th century Tibetan altar cloth in an Asian art show a few weeks earlier. Something about the colors and the simple design of that piece really stuck in my mind. In the stressful, fearful days that followed 9/11, I decided to make a quilt like that altar cloth. I was literally praying with my hands.

I have visited so many quilt guilds across the country during the past several years, and in every one of them, without exception, you donate dozens, scores, hundreds of quilts to people in your communities who need the comfort that a hand-made quilt brings.

No matter what happens in the larger world around us, we always have the power to act in love and care for the people in our communities, people whose faces we can see, whose names we can come to know. Now perhaps it is time to make our circles a little wider. In whatever form that action takes, let’s pray with our hands.