sails-waves-use-this-8-96-jpgToday I’m turning my new book over to the designer. The house looks like a hurricane hit. The camera is on top of the ladder, the tripod is in the corner by the end table. There is a large stack of quilts lying between sheets in the middle of the living room waiting to be photographed. Stacks of mail languish on the kitchen counter and the front hall chest. Shipping boxes are stacked in a corner of the bedroom. Several drawers in my studio won’t even close.

But in the midst of all this, my bed is made, topped with one of my favorite quilts and matching pillowcases.

There is something really comforting to me about making the bed. It is the act of creating a small bit calm and order first thing in the morning, and as I smooth the quilt I feel once again the sense of accomplishment I found in finishing it. The other day it also inspired this haiku:

perfectly made bed
even if nothing else
goes right today

I haven’t made many bed-sized quilts. For one thing, they are too heavy and bulky to carry with me when I teach. The one shown I’ve decided to sell. It’s kind of special – it helped get me started as a professional quilter. (Besides designing the quilt, I also designed the glowing blue fabric for Blank Quilting.)  You can read about it here. If you’re interested call or send an email. It would make a lovely a wedding quilt.