imag1510.jpgLast night I unpacked and set up my new Bernina B770 Quilters Edition, threaded it up and took it for its first drive.  Oh, the sweet, smooth hum of its finely-tuned motor! The effortless glide through 5 layers of fabric plus batting! I was sewing down the edges of bias tape with a super-narrow zigzag – the steady precision of the needle placement was a joy! The auto tension adjustment that didn’t even blink using clear, fine monofilament thread.  And the THREAD CUTTER! How looonnnnnngggggg have I wanted a machine with a thread cutter?!!!  After all the thousands of foundation-pieced seams I have sewn, finally I don’t have to turn the foundation over to clip threads on the back!!

I know this is just the beginning, and I can’t wait to try out its many cool features. I’ll be sure to share all the fun with you!

Do you love your Bernina? Write a comment below and tell us why!

Happy quilting!  RaNae 🙂