Haikuilt by Karen Weiderman
Long Island, NY

Our Haikuilt Workshop was a great success!

Thank you to those who signed up – it was a pleasure working with each one of you. We started out our day learning about haiku, gaining inspiration from the city and Central Park, and continued with planning, drafting and creating our haikuilts.

The women who joined us for the workshop were incredibly enjoyable people and really demonstrated their talent and creativity! Here are the pieces they created with the haiku that accompanied them:

:Barbara Bachman haikuilt with text (Small)

By Barbara Bachman; Pittsburg, PA.

Mickey Maguire haikuilt with text (Small)

By Mickey McGuire; Long Island, NY.

Maggie Khaja haikuilt with text (Small)

Maggie Khaja; Toronto, Canada.

Keep an eye out for future workshops that will be held here in New York City! In fact, make note on your calendars for the first of October. The exact workshop has not been chosen yet, but will be soon!

Happy Quilting!