A little while ago a friend of mine for whom I was making a quilt visited my studio to look at potential designs. She brought along her daughter and two granddaughters. A couple of weeks later she sent me an email with this photo of her 9-year-old granddaughter’s first quilt!
 Cally's first quilt
She wrote:
I hope you find pleasure in seeing my 9 year old granddaughter’s most recent sewing project.  Cally came to your apartment along with my daughter and her younger sister when you and I discussed my quilt.  She must have been really impressed with what she saw in your home and studio.  I’d say you had a wonderful impact on her!
You never know whose life you will touch, and when you’ll be the one to ignite a creative spark. But occasionally you get a glimpse. Great work, Cally — may there be many more beautiful quilts in your future!