I ran into a friend recently who reminded me that I didn’t post this picture last Spring. So, better late than never . . . .

This is a quilt by Peter Hayward, an Englishman who lives in Spain.  Remember my Radiant Collection panel fabrics? (The panels are no longer available, but some colors of the starbursts still are.) He used them to create the gradations in this stunning quilt, which won the Contemporary category of the Spanish National Quilt Competition in Spring 2015. Here is what he wrote to me about it:

Hi Ranae

I thought you might like to see the use I made of the above on an op art quilt which last weekend won the contemporary category of the spanish national quilt competition. The combination of directionality and graduating colour were ideal for my idea of how to enhance the 3D effect of a conventional op art quilt. . . Please go to my Facebook page (we are friends already from when I did a spiral quilt) you will see in my photos a couple of pics I recently uploaded together with a mandala quilt I did 3 years ago after reading your book.
I hope and believe you will find it interesting to see them.
Kind regards, Peter Hayward
Congratulations (albeit belated), Peter!