After you have sewn two binding strips together, use a seam roller to press right at the sewing machine.  Save time and move quickly on to sewing the binding!

First press the seam open:


Then re-fold along the pressed center line and firm it up over the seam:


About the seam roller:  Notice that the seam roller I’m using has a barrel-shaped roller — this differs from a flat wallpaper roller.  That curve puts all the weight of your arm right on the fold and gives you a crease that is every bit as tight and sharp as what an iron will give you (without having to wait for the iron to heat up!).

I have also found that with the paper-piecing I do — small pieces of fabric and seams close together — the curved roller gets down between seams to press the new ones, rather than riding on top of the previous seams as a flat one would do.

I’ve used a seam roller for many years now and it’s my first choice for pressing.  I do use an iron for big jobs, and for flattening fabric.  But as I’m working at the sewing machine and cutting table my seam roller is always at hand to take care of those little pressing jobs quickly and easily as I go along.

To purchase a seam roller (and for more information about how to use it), click here.

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Happy quilting! ~ RaNae 🙂