A while ago Blank Quilting re-released my Radiant Collection fabrics and asked me to make a new “modern” quilt for the re-release.  So, I created Beyond HorizonsHere’s the original version (the orange border is not part of the quilt, as you can see in the “on the bed” photo [ignore the pillowcases in the photo!]).

(If you are interested in the pattern for this quilt, it is no longer available as a free download from Blank, but it is available in my online store by clicking here.  The new pattern has instructions for a variety of sizes and fabric types.)

Beyond Horizons largest size Beyond Horizons on bed


I had so much fun making this quilt that I made a few more of them in different fabrics and sizes.  For one of them, I found this cool fabric with big, wonky dots printed on it which I knew would be perfect for the dots in the quilt.  For the bars I purchased a grey fabric and a medium turquoise fabric, both solids.  The finished top of “Wonky Dots” looked like this:

Bars blue-grey

When it came time to quilt it I needed to figure out a way to make the dots integrate with the rest of the quilt.  I thought about it for a long time, but it wasn’t until I just pulled it out one day and decided to start that the solution came to me.  It happened when I started looking through my thread drawer.  I had a bag of Superior Masterpiece thread that I had purchased for another project (which I never did — changed my mind).  I noticed that all of the threads in the bag were the same color as the colors in the dots in my quilt.  I decided to divide up the surface of the quilt into random shapes like in the dots, and to fill in some of the sections with solid quilting, creating the look of the dot fabric in the turquoise bars.

To begin, I used an 18″ Add-a-Quarter Ruler as a guide to quilt random straight lines in grey thread across the entire surface of the quilt, dividing it into irregularly-shaped triangles and four-sided shapes up to about 4″ across.  Then I started filling in sections of the turquoise bars wIth colored Masterpiece thread, quilting parallel lines less than 1/8″ apart.

Once I had filled in some of the sections, it seemed like it wasn’t enough, so I filled in more spaces with another color.  And then that wasn’t enough either.  In the end I filled in all the spaces within the turquoise bars with different colors of thread — the same colors that are found in the dots fabric — and the bars ended up looking like the dots.  Here is the final result:

Wonky Dots full croppedWonky Dots detail 1 Wonky Dots detail 2 resized

I loved how the Masterpiece thread was fine enough to sit into the surface of the quilt but still heavy enough to boldly show its color against the background fabric.  The effect was just what I had hoped for!

Here is another version of the quilt, also quilted with Masterpiece (though not as heavily):

Flowers largest size Flowers version quilting detail

There are a couple more versions as well, I’ll post them when I get photos done.

Happy quilting! RaNae 🙂