I write haiku.  I make quilts.  Last year, I began combining the two into miniature art quilts I call “haikuilts”.  Each one is 5″ x 7″, referring to the traditional 5 / 7 / 5 syllable count of haiku, even though today most haiku poets do not conform to this syllable count.  (To learn more about what haiku are, I recommend Michael Dylan Welch’s explanation here: http://www.graceguts.com/haiku-and-senryu.)

A few days ago, my first published haikuilts appears in the online haiku journal, A Hundred Gourds.  Kind of exciting in a “big fish, haiku-sized pond” kind of way.  Okay, maybe a little fish . . . .

Click on the images below to link to the journal pages where you ca see them full-size and read the haiku.

Popsicle drips white text  Prison yard with text for Hundred Gourds